Largest LWML Event at Mission Central

DOW Presentation at LWML Event

Pastor Karim was one missionary supported by Iowa West LWML who was invited to speak at the fall rally held at Mission Central.

Every seat was taken in the Ministry Center and the barn was full.

Ann Carrick, President, Iowa West LWML, did an excellent job of managing the meeting for the Rally.

The ladies enjoyed the singing and the messages for the day.  It was a day when this large group focused on the very purpose of our lives for Jesus….THE MISSION OF TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT JESUS ALL OVER THE WORLD!

We thank God for the LWML

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Thank you for your Sunday night hospitality, John & Millie Mandernach.

Thank you for your Saturday night hospitality, Steve & Judy Rozek.

This was Pastor Karim’s second speaking engagement for the Iowa West LWML and he was excited to return.

On Sunday, Rev. John Burger graciously welcomed Pastor Karim to preach and teach at Faith Lutheran Church in Adel, Iowa. The Bible study Pastor Karim went through is called “Islam in Light of the Cross” and teaches about the Islamic religion and how much greater is the faith to which we have been called.

Mission Central History

Mission Central in Mapleton, Iowa, was dedicated in a service held Saturday afternoon, August 23, 2003.

“What a blessing that the Lord has provided these districts with a place missionaries can stay when on furlough, offices where correspondences and meetings can take place, facilities for statewide mission events and worship space for more than 300.

Not only that, Mission Central is the largest mission supporting agency, as a part of your Synod’s LCMS World MIssion global Gospel outreach, has been blessed by God to be the conduit helping to raise millions of dollars every year to send and keep LCMS World Mission Missionaries in the field.  God is doing great things through the people of Nebraska and Iowa to further the Lord’s mission.

Since 2003, Mission Central has had hundreds and hundreds of visits from LCMS missionaries and their families (many have come several times) and has had tens and tens of thousands of people from hundreds of congregations visit.”

God has indeed blessed this place to be a mission center, focusing on telling others about Jesus!