Please consider becoming a financial partner with Disciples of the Way.

If this donation is a Memorial or special donation, Please contact the Office at to ensure that it is properly processed.

Disciples of the Way Ministries has been a non-profit 501c(3) organization since 2010. Thank you for your  generous gifts and long-term partnership in the Gospel.
Disciples of the Way will never be a for-profit organization. Your gifts and donations from individuals, churches, and organizations are critically important.

You can donate by sending your check to the address below:

Disciples of the Way
6500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 190
Dallas TX, 75206

Disciples of the Way is a 501c(3) organization and will provide donation receipts upon request.  

Thrivent Choice® Dollars

Disciples of the Way Ministries is enrolled as a participating organization in Thrivent Choice. Thrivent Choice is a charitable grant program that allows eligible members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes part of its charitable outreach grant funds each year.

To make a Thrivent Choice Dollars gift, visit the Thrivent Choice website.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Thrivent Choice, please contact a representative from the Member Connection Center at 1-800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) and say “Thrivent Choice” at the prompt or you may email

Thrivent Choice

Why Donate Online?

It’s easy. No more fumbling for your wallet or a pen and your checkbook during the offering. You can spend more time focused on God and what He has to say to you during the service.

It’s simple. Fill in our online giving form once and you no longer have to remember if you gave during the month or scramble around hunting a postage stamp in order to mail your gift while on vacation. Of course, you can log on as often as you wish to make changes to your account settings.

It’s consistent. Online giving automatically transfers funds from your account to Disciples of the Way at whatever interval you choose (one time, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc.).

It’s track-able. Giving electronically provides you with detailed reports of your giving.

The information you submit is securely encrypted and will only be used to fulfill your selected financial transaction(s). Your information will never be given, sold, rented or otherwise provided to another party.

A word of caution — Online giving is being provided as a convenience to you, allowing you to give by using a check card or debit card of your choice. However, Disciples of the Way does not encourage anyone to enter into debt to give or fulfill a pledge. If you use a credit card, make sure you are able to pay off your credit card bill when it comes due.