Making Disciples of the Cross from all Nations

Disciples of the Way is a ministry of the Texas District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

Ministry Sites

Disciples of the Way is a ministry for people from all nations to people of all nations.   Matthew 28:19


Our programs exist to create meaningful relationships with the hope of raising up indigenous leaders and training them to become disciple makers of their own. 2 Timothy 2:2

Ways to Help

Some of us can go, some of us can give, but all of us can pray.

About Us

Disciples of the Way Ministry exists to Reach, Teach and Live among those from all nations, to raise up Spiritual leaders from among them,  and establish Christ-centered communities.

Our Programs

Disciples of the Way is all about reaching out with the Gospel, especially to people who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Many of the strategies listed below were created because God brought leaders with the skills needed and the desire in their heart to launch these outreach means.  You are invited to come and explore whether God might be calling you to assist, lead or even start a brand new outreach approach.

Refugee Service Center

Employment Assistance Services for our refugee neighbors living in Dallas. The Refugee Service Center (RSC) also helps with other problems that can arise in a refugee’s life, such as applying for housing, foodstamps, or medical insurance. One of our ministries is to pray with our neighbors over the concerns of their lives. Learn more.

Sewing Seeds of Faith

Disciple’s of the Way’s Sewing Seeds of Faith (SSOF) program focuses on building relationships with women from all nations through sewing. Our volunteers work one-on-one with these women; Sewing Seeds of Faith one  stitch  at a time, one relationship at a time, one believer at a time.

Our goal is to earn the right to speak into the lives of these women and tell them about the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that they might receive it. God is working to draw people from all nations to the light of the cross. (John 12:32) We work as the Holy Spirit guides us through the opportunities He provides.

Our program offers unique fellowship opportunities with one another in prayer, sewing, lunch and devotion. Learn More.

English as a Second Language

Learning English is critical for these new immigrants to the United States.  Five different levels of classes are taught for men and women.  During instruction, children are cared for under the Children’s Activity Program. Learn more.

Advanced 1 Computer Class

Computer Classes

Teaching people how to use a computer is a critically important tool for helping them adjust to life in America and become skilled for more job prospects.  Classes are taught by groups depending on the skill level of the students. Learn more.

Women of the Way – Vickery Meadow Apartment Ministry

Muslim Women are one of the most overlooked, most neglected, mission fields in America today. Disciples of the Way has brought three women of diverse ethnic backgrounds (from Iraq, Eritrea, and Nepal) onto our staff to help to reach out to these women. These women have teamed up with a group of volunteers from all nations to reach out to a growing population of 35,000 refugees and immigrants, mostly from Muslim and Hindu backgrounds, living only a few miles from our doors. Learn more.