Refugee Service Center

DOW’s Refugee Service Center focuses on job placement and job readiness training so that our refugee neighbors can become self-supporting. The RSC also provides help with applications for medical assistance, food stamps, and registration for other social services.


There is a tremendous backlog of refugee assistance in the refugee resettlement agencies who struggle to reaching the refugees in need.  As a result of seeing and hearing from the refugee neighbors who come to DOW for assistance, DOW’s Refugee Service Center has instituted a new initiative of service to the refugees. “Extend Case Management Care” thus expanding DOW’s service to pick up where the governmental agencies end their 90-day assistance programs and to continue to help refugees assimilate into American life.

  • Employment Assistance

    Disciples of the Way applies for jobs through web searches and professional connections. Some people or positions require a resume.

  • Translation

    One of the most necessary forms of assistance is translation help communicating with service providers, medical staff, etc. Language learning is a long and difficult process and there can be many barriers to language acquisition. DOW is committed to removing as many of these barriers as possible by offering daytime and evening English classes for free. DOW’s RSC staff occasionally go with our neighbors to translate for them.

  • Immigration

    The RSC does not help with or file green card or citizenship applications due to legal restrictions. However, RSC staff do help our neighbors with translation communication with USCIS and procedural assistance with travel loans. Refugees often cannot afford the price of the airplane ticket to come to the US and take out a travel loan to come to this land of opportunity. They start their lives in America in debt and work to pay off their loan first. 

  • Medical

    Refugees and Immigrants are often confused and scared by the American Medical system. They don’t know how to read their discharge papers or bills. They might not be able to talk to their doctor’s office for refills or appointments. They might not know how to give their insurance information. Disciples of the Way helps our neighbors with all these difficulties and prays with them. 

  • Foodstamps

    Food stamps are a State Benefit under the official name SNAP. We apply for or renew these State benefits.

  • Assistance connection

    Disciples of the Way seeks to connect immigrants and refugees with services that are provided by other organizations. These include Pogo (low-cost electricity), AT&T low-income internet, applications for “Obama phones” (old refurbished cellphones for low income families), Financial Aid Applications, and Social Security applications. We also connect RSC Neighbors with other DOW programs and classes.

  • Housing

    DOW helps people communicate to their apartment complexes, apply for low-Income housing, and Section 8 housing grants.

  • In Home Assistance

    Occasionally during a Home Visit, a problem comes to light that need to be addressed immediately.

  • Miscellaneous

    According to the nature of the problem, DOW choses to help our neighbors or refer them to other organizations. After we have built relationships with people, they may come to DOW with personal problems like canceling a gym membership, applying for a travel loan, or booking a flight. They might need a ride to a doctor’s appointment or a special visit to address a problem in their home. DOW’s RSC Staff help with these problems too because this ministry is all about personal relationships and sharing the love of God through service and witness. Other problems DOW refuses to be involved in and refers neighbors with legal or immigration problems to other organizations for assistance. 

Coronavirus Update:

Disciples of the Way is continuing to serve the refugee community of Dallas while maintaining social distance and wearing masks.
Arabic Bible Studies are ongoing virtually and, as of July 2020, in-person. The in-person studies maintain social distance and participants wear masks.
English classes are ongoing virtually, thanks to DOW’s wonderful volunteer teachers who have tackled the challenges of learning to teach online via Zoom and Google Meet.
The Refugee Service Center is continuing to serve our refugee community over the phone and, as of June 2020, by appointment.
Sewing Seeds of Faith sewing classes remain on break.

*Note: Some photos below are from pre-Coronavirus events.

Disciples of the Way Ministries (DOW) exists to Reach, Teach, Live and Work among those from all nations, to raise up spiritual leaders from among them, and establish Christ-centered communities.

Our programs and classes are outreach avenues for genuine friendships. We hope these friendships with each other will build trust so that we may earn the freedom to talk about the Love of God. So that our earthly friendships will become everlasting relationships in Jesus Christ.

Refugee Service Center

Service driven by compassion for people created in God’s image.

Let us not love in word or talk
but in deed and in truth.“- 1 John 3:18

About DOW

Disciples of the Way ministries firmly believes that in order to make disciples, one must first build a genuine relationship with that person through compassion and service.

Arabic Bible Study

Christians and Muslims follow God’s command to learn his word through reading the Bible (Torah, Writings, and Injil).

Students proudly display their New Books! THANK YOU POGO!

English Program

DOW offers free curriculum-based ESL classes for 5 levels of English (Basic, Beginner, Low-Intermediate, High-Intermediate, & Advanced) along with special Speaking classes.

Coronavirus Update

ESL classes are being held online using Zoom, Google Meet and via phone.
For further information please contact ESL Coordinator, Nita Karki.

Computer Program

We offer 3 computer classes (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) to help refugees advance in American society.

Coronavirus Update

Sewing classes are currently cancelled.
For more information, please contact Social Services Coordinator, Suzan Marouf.

Home Visits

We love to visit our friends in their homes and pray with them for all the concerns of their hearts.

Coronavirus Update

Home visits are currently cancelled. We are contacting our families and checking up on them through phone calls.
For more information, please contact Social Services Coordinator, Suzan Marouf.

Many of DOW’s programs were created out of necessity. We saw a need in our neighborhood for services and skills that improve our neighbors’ physical situations. Compassion and service lead to relationships which become discipleship opportunities.

You are invited to “Come & See” what the Lord is doing among the Dallas refugee community. (Psalm 46:8)

God might be calling you to volunteer, assist, lead, or support our outreach ministries.

Some of us can go.

Some of us can give.

But all of us can pray.

Disciples of the Way follows God-given opportunities to give a reason for the hope that we have and shine the Light of Jesus Christ into the lives of those we serve.

Thanks to your faithful prayers and generous support,
Disciples of the Way is now a self-sustaining, non-profit, LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) organization. We humbly and happily share with you that we no longer receive support from the Texas District. We have released district funding in order for that support to go to other ministries.
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