ESL Geographic Presentations: Japan

Geographic Presentations are an ongoing part of DOW’s English as a Second Language program. Last month, Saori Ikeda, blessed her fellow students, the DOW staff, and our ESL Volunteers with a beautiful presentation on her home culture of Japan. These presentations allow students to grow confidently in their public speaking abilities, and give fellow students the opportunity to experience the joy of learning about a friend from another nation.

Students from all nations are able to grow in English communication skills, learn through these shared experiences about each other’s cultures, and build trust with the DOW staff & volunteers. Our ESL program is a ministry for friendships which we hope will lead to everlasting relationships in Christ Jesus. We pray the relationships will continue to bear fruit as we find opportunities to earn the trust needed to speak freely with our friends about the Love of God in Christ, the Savior of all nations.

And he [God] made, from one man every nation of mankind, 
to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and  the boundaries of their dwelling place.
– Acts 17:26