Refugee Service Center

 In November 2016, DOW opened our new Refugee Service Center (RSC) in an office building about one mile from our administrative office at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church. The Mission of the RSC: To help refugees achieve self-reliance and assimilate into American society; and Vision: To build a thriving community of assimilated and productive refugees in the Dallas area. The Refugee Service Center has a unique opportunity to provide services beyond the scope of other resettlement agencies in the Dallas area.

       Our staff and volunteers have a passion to help improve the lives of our new neighbors through programs designed to instill the American values of hard work, dedication, and self-worth. During 2016 our mission staff visited over 187 Christian and non-Christian refugees in their homes. The RSC offers employment placement and job readiness training; helping them to plan their career path and next steps to improve their situations. Job readiness training empresses the importance of punctuality in the workplace, the commitment to hard-work, and good communication with their supervisors. Our dedicated staff also counsels our clients on the importance of budgeting their monthly expenses and income.