Angels of All Nations Christmas Program

On December 16th, Our ESL students and their children who attend our Children’s Activity Program (CAP) met in Fellowship Hall to celebrate the Christmas season with a devotion and presents for all the children.

Thank you for all your generous donations, prayers, and the blessings of your gifts which provided Disciples of the Way with the means for purchasing the gifts to share the Christmas spirit with all the children. “O Lord once lifted on the glorious tree, As thou hast promised, draw the world to thee.”

Pastor Karim Baidaoui told the students and children about the Peace of God that came down to live on earth with people. Now people can have peace with God because this babe was born to take away the wrath of God for all who believe in him.

Disciples of the Way thanks you for your continuing prayers and support.

May Peace be with you in this New Year.

(Below: Pictures of some of the families and their children’s presents)